Translation Services and Safety and Technical Data Sheet Creation

ABIS d.o.o. provides comprehensive translation services, including certified and non-certified translation of written texts and documents, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, linguistic editing and proofreading of texts, as well as complete organisation of corporate events and conferences with simultaneous interpreting services in various languages. All the services are provided in more than 30 world languages.

In addition to providing standard translation services, ABIS d.o.o. also engages in translating and creating Safety and Technical Data Sheets for numerous clients and carries out the required activities in order to obtain approval for inclusion of the same into the Registry of Chemicals at the Croatian Institute for Toxicology. In doing so, the company has acquired the specific knowledge required for translating and creating Safety and Technical Data Sheets.

We are the only translation centre in the Republic of Croatia offering the above-mentioned services.

More information about Safety and Technical Data Sheets and the method of processing the same is available on our website